There are many commercial and public locations where you can spot a CCTV camera. However, CCTV cameras are not more and more often installed in private homes. They can be a great part of maintaining the safety and security of your home or of commercial space. Thanks to recently achieved innovations and technology progress in the field, security cameras are now coupled with more developed technology which expands their effectiveness, ease of use, and capabilities. So if you want to benefit and take advantage of the better and improved CCTV camera technologies, here are some extra tips for you.


Depending on the area you want to be covered by the security camera, place the CCTV camera in a way that it will be able to completely view the space you intend it to survey. Make sure to install a few CCTV cameras, depending on the size of the space you want to survey and place all cameras in a way there are less or no blind spots.


You want to make sure that the area that is under surveillance is as visible as possible, which means it should be well-lit at all times or the majority of the time. Therefore, you want to have the security cameras installed in a way they can benefit from consistent and sufficient lighting. If it is impossible to have consistent lighting, considering investing in night-vision capable CCTV cameras.

Monitor Hidden Entry Points

Back windows, back doors, and other entry points that are different than the main ones to your home are the perfect ways for burglars to enter. In order to prevent that or at least ensure you have footage of possible burglary you can use in police, you want to place CCTV cameras in a way they can survey and cover these hidden entry points.

Front Door

The front door is yet another area you want to be surveyed by a security camera too. Burglars also often use the front door as an entry to your home, therefore, you want this area constantly covered. This can also help you prevent accidents of mail package theft.

Protect CCTV Cables

In case the cables of your CCTV cameras are not protected and hidden, there is a big risk of they getting damaged or cut by someone, or by some environmental factors such as moisture, wind, cold weather, etc. Therefore, you want your security cameras to be installed by an experienced professional, who will hide all the cables in conduit and by this you will rest assure the cameras are well protected or at least more difficult to access and get damaged.

Outdoor CCTV Cameras Are Only for Outdoors

Never use indoor security cameras for outdoor installation. Indoor cameras are simply not intended to be outside, therefore, they are not designed in a way they can easily withstand all environmental conditions of outdoor space. Issues such as moisture, insects, condensations, freezing temperatures will definitely affect the quality of the image and can even damage the cameras beyond repair. Always choose outdoor CCTV cameras for outdoor use and vice versa.

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