UK CCTV Systems

We have been experts in telecoms and data networking since 1985 and over the years have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience as these industries have evolved, due to this we have identified a market which we felt lacked companies with the correct skill sets to tackle the new emerging technology now appearing in the CCTV industry. We are now on the way to being 1 of the top CCTV Dealers in QVIS CCTV products.

Old existing companies are now finding it hard to provide customers with hi-tech solutions, due to lack of knowledge in data networking, so are providing standard solutions - where making use of the more advanced features now available, can actually now save the customer money and provide a more robust security solution. By making use of email notifications & push notifications to Smart Devices, customers can now take full control of there CCTV Monitoring, instead of out sourcing to existing CCTV Monitoring Companies.