Red Vision

Redvision is a UK manufacturer and in 2006 pioneered the industry's first rugged, external PTZ camera with true inbuilt infrared illumination giving total 360° night-time video surveillance.

We specialise in super-efficient, white-light and infrared LED technology, so our products can be used in total darkness or mixed light conditions. Low running costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) ensure our green credentials are maximised.

The team at Redvision has unprecedented security industry knowledge and experience. Established in 2000, most staff members have worked in the CCTV industry for many years. We understand CCTV products; where and how they are used; the technologies available to maximise performance and how Redvision's rugged PTZ and dome cameras integrate within wider security systems. Our products are used in many public space applications, from town centres, utilities and universities through to ports, prisons and MoD sites.