Fineplan Video Services

The Fineplan Group was incorporated in 1966 and remains one of the oldest established independent CCTV distribution companies in Europe. The Group Head Office is located in the Harrow area of Greater London which is 30 minutes from Heathrow Airport and less than 15 minutes from the main M1 and M25 Motorway Networks. Fineplan offer a wide variety of Analogue and Digital CCTV product manufactured on an OEM basis with components sourced from the World's leading Manufacturers. Many items incorporate our own unique design features and all of our product is field tested before introduction to the CCTV market.

Our Product is designed with Installers and End Users in mind. Product Quality ensures ease of use and long term reliability. This is borne out by the many Contract customers that regularly purchase product - including Government, Local Government, Police and Armed Forces establishments in the UK and abroad through our Export Department.